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Video consumption trends during 2018 that you can take advantage for your bookie business.


Video has become one of the most important elements of the internet, with 4.3 million videos seen per minute on YouTube brands of all kinds want to take advantage of this trend to get their messages and products to viewers so that they consume them.
Bookies can also take advantage of the video consumption trend to promote their betting site and attract new customers. Here are some of the most popular online video consumption trends of 2018 that bookies can take advantage of for their businesses:
Inspiration and advice
Online videos have become the means by which people come to clarify their doubts about products, services or companies. Searches with the term Which product to buy doubled during 2018. Similarly, travel videos or tips on how to make money also increased in popularity as viewers also want to be inspired. Bookies can take advantage of this trend by creating videos that explain how to place bets, explaining the different types of bets and the associated terminology. With the current expansion of the betting markets, it is very likely that during 2019 many novice bettors will come to videos to clarify their doubts about bets, if the bookies are able to provide this content they will gain the attention of the clients and will be able to direct them to their betting site.
2-way conversations
People do not just want to watch a video, they want to be able to interact with the creator of the content and with the community that is generated around that content. Live broadcasts with chats are the best way to encourage those conversations and generate a connection with the audience. Bookies can make live broadcasts prior to major sporting events to increase the hype around the event, another option is to conduct live FAQ sessions to clarify any questions that customers may have about the types of bets or bookie service in general.

Bookies that want to have a successful betting business in 2019 should incorporate video on their marketing strategies.
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