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Use video marketing to boost your presence on search engines


Technology has made humanity live in an era of constant change, as new technologies, tools, and platforms appear, the behavior of people changes, changes the way we communicate, changes the way we do business, changes the way in which we entertain ourselves, and the list of changes continues.

The bookies that have a betting site must be aware of these changes since their business itself is based on technology and any change in the behavior of users can be an opportunity to do grow the business.

For example, a study by Deloitte shows that US users spend an average of 15 hours a week consuming digital video. This behavior has generated the appearance of a new trend that bookies should take advantage of and that is video marketing.

Video marketing consists of the use of audiovisual content to position products and services in an entertaining and useful way so that the user finds value in the contents and does not perceive them as mere advertising pieces.
By using video marketing on platforms such as YouTube, bookies can reach three-quarters of adults between 18 and 24 years old in the USA. Some brands have reported an increase of 240% in the click-through rate of their campaigns when using video marketing and an increase of 89% in sign-ups.

Video marketing campaigns also help better positioning in the search engines, since the videos are indexed to the search engines, which increases the presence and relevance of the website within the search engine.

Being at the vanguard with the new trends and technologies is mandatory if you want to have a successful betting business that is constantly growing. Bookies should start using video marketing to promote their betting site.

They can do so by creating valuable content for potential players such as previews of games, highlights, a small sports news show with news of transfers and injuries or content with betting tips. The options are endless and are only limited to the creativity of the bookie, the important thing is to offer content that interests and motivates potential players.

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