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Use the Hold Percentage Report to Guide your Bookie Business.


The indicators and data that allow knowing the state of the business are extremely important since by periodically monitoring them we can take corrective decisions if necessary.
The bookies that have a good partner of Pay Per Head has the advantage of having a powerful tool that generates reports with indicators and data of absolutely all the activities that happen in the betting site, in this way the bookies can be always informed. But by having access to so much data, novice bookies can feel overwhelmed and confused about which indicators to use to know the status of their betting business. In these cases, the bookies should focus their attention on the hold percentage report.

The hold percentage report lets bookies know how profitable their betting business is since it shows the bottom line number of the overall win/loss total for all players, sports, league, period or type of bet. Knowing these numbers will allow the bookie to perform the calculations necessary to have a clear picture of how well their betting business is performing and can take the necessary actions as the case may be. For example, bookies can analyze and compare the hold percentage of future bets in order to find in which ones to set max betting limits.

Also, bookies can identify drops in the hold percentage of a specify sport such as NBA, which means that marketing efforts are required to promote NBA betting options. By using the hold percentage report bookies can also determinate the profitability of a particular player and decide if it’s worthy to keep that player or let it go.
The hold percentage report is the best ally for bookies of any size not only to know the current status of their business but also as a guide to planning in the long-term strategies to maintain and protect the betting business.
The first thing that a bookie has to do is make sure they fully understand the hold percentage report and use it as a guide for all their important decisions.
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