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Updating how your betting site looks can increase your revenue.


We have all heard the expression a picture is worth a thousand words. We have heard it so many times that we don't longer stop to think about the meaning of this expression. Humans mostly rely on the vision to make decisions since it is through this sense they decide if something is beautiful or not. The big brands know how important it is to have elements, colors, shapes, and attractive figures to show to the consumers, for this reason, they invest millions of dollars a year to hire teams of marketers, publicists, and graphic designers to help them maintain their brand elements attractive and relevant.

Bookies should take the same care with the elements of their brand, mainly with their website, as this is at the heart of their business and if the gamblers enter an unattractive website that has not been updated in years and that It is not pleasant to look at, it is more likely that they will go looking for another bookie.

To help bookies create a plan to update their betting website, we present the following recommendations.

Update content and images
Every week there are important matches in different parts of the world, the bookies should try to show at least every week new images and contents related to these important sporting events. If a bettor enters the betting site today and finds images and content from last month's SuperBowl featured on the home page, there is a high possibility that they would hesitate to bet on this site, since an outdated website transmits a bad image and the customers may perceive it as a sign that the bookie does not give much importance to their business and does not take it seriously.

Updating menus, sections, and other navigability elements
In addition to the contents and images, bookies should review and update every 6 months or every year the menus and sections of their betting site, trying to place in positions of easy accessibility the sections most used by their bettors. In addition, bookies must ensure that their betting site complies with the latest trends in navigability and loading times.

Having a structured plan for the update of the betting site can cause revenue to increase considerably as bettors like to place their bets on modern websites, which look good and are easy to use. The best way to maintain a betting site updated with the latest technologies and content is through a good provider of Pay Per Head, as these companies make available to the bookies a full team of designers and web programmers that can take care of everything necessary to create a beautiful and profitable betting site.

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