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Understanding the Gamers, How to gain ground in the world of eSport.


ESports are one of the biggest trends today and a trend that does not go unnoticed in the betting industry. More and more betting sites offer betting options for major tournaments and video game events in the world.

This trend has grown so fast that there are still many myths and misunderstandings that have not been clarified, for example, How a gamer is really like.
First, let's start by defining the word, Gamer is everyone who is a recurring non-professional videogame player. That is, it is the potential bettor for the eSports events that bookies promote on their betting site.

The question that arises is how are the gamers?

They are not just men
The first that one might think is that gamers are only men, but the truth is that they are not. For example, in the United Kingdom, women represent 58% of the players on tablets. Likewise, many creators of video game-related content report having large female audiences. Given this data, bookies have to think about creating marketing campaigns that appeal to both sexes to attract gamers to their betting site.

This is where things get a bit complicated, the gamers mostly use different platforms to play as consoles, computers, and smartphones. The problem is that some gamers are purists of their platform and for example, if it is a PC Gamer, he will not use a console to play. The best thing is that bookies do not get into these philosophical debates about platforms and maintain a neutral communication and marketing line that can appeal to different types of gamers.
It's a worldwide trend
The gamers are in all corners of the world and come from all social classes, it is for this reason that bookies must think in global terms when they promote their betting options for eSports in this way they can capture a larger market and can grow their betting business faster.

Gamers seek community
Finally, gamers seek to form communities and demand high amounts of interaction through different communication channels. It is a good idea that bookies that want to gain ground in the world of eSports include message forums or chats where all users can exchange messages. In addition, the bookie must be prepared to be able to provide constant attention to their eSports gamblers.
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