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Understanding Mobile Users


Marshall McLuhan is credited with predicting in the 70s the internet and smartphones, long before they existed. One of the most famous phrases of this professor and philosopher that revolutionized the way we understand the media was: Technologies will become a private line of quickly customizable marketable assets.

It seems that he has not been wrong in his predictions, because if we analyze the current user of mobile devices, 91% of them say that they spend an hour or more on their devices to access news, games, entertainment, and shopping. Also, users expect to obtain personalized information to their tastes and preferences.

With so many people connected to mobile devices, it is important that bookies understand these users. Since they can represent a big market for their betting site.

By taking data from Google market research we can determine certain characteristics of sports apps users. These are 80% man and 20% women, with an average age of 36 years, spend an average of 50 minutes in this type of applications, mainly during the night.

With this information, bookies can create more focused marketing campaigns that generate better results to boost their mobile betting solution or their betting site. For example, knowing the time range in which users use more sports apps, bookies can create campaigns that only appear at that time to attract players to their betting site.
Knowing in depth the habits and customs of mobile users is what can lead a bookie to success or failure since as days go by mobile devices become the main source of decision making of people.

The bookies that want to take advantage of this trend must have a pay per head provider with extensive experience in the creation of mobile betting solutions, that has a team of web design experts capable of adapting quickly to new technologies and able of satisfying the requirements of the most demanding users.

Some experts predict that mobile bets will represent 60% of the entire gambling business in 2 years. This, like McLuhan’s prediction, is very likely to be fulfilled. So it is better to be prepared for when it happens.
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