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Tricks to make horse racing a money maker source for your business.


Bookies that work with a good Pay Per Head partner have access to hundreds of betting options from different leagues and sports around the world. In addition, most Pay Per Head companies offers their bookie's access to a racebook with several racetracks. This racebook can be a money maker source if the bookies manage it correctly. Horse racing is one of the oldest forms of betting, they have been around for more than 100 years and during all this time it has been a source of wealth for the bookies.
The secret of horse racing is that it never offers fair odds to bettors since in each race there are a lot of variables that can affect the final result. It is for this reason that horse racing always offers the advantage to bookies. In addition, racetracks usually have action every weekend of the year between 8 and 11 races per racetrack, this means a large amount of betting action which allows bookies to generate large revenues.
Some tricks to handle and get the most out of horse racing are:
Define payment limits
A good bookie is one who knows his limits very well and knows how far his bankroll payment capacity can go. With these limits in mind, bookies can establish which is the maximum amount they are willing to pay to a single player in a single race. In this way, the bookie will not take an annoying surprise to discover that a player won much more than the bankroll can pay. Bookies must inform their players that no matter how many bets they make in a single race, the maximum amount they can win is predefined and will not change.
Bookies should not fear that this practice will scare off punters since they understand that the rules of the betting sites are different from those of betting directly on the racetrack.
Low bet minimums in combinations
An excellent way to attract casual gamblers and interest them in horse racing is to offer very low wagers for combinations. For example, $ 1 bets that can pay up to $ 1000 if the bettor picks the winners of 4 races. This type of bets is very attractive for the player as he perceives that he risks little and can win a lot. Of course, the bookie has the advantage of this type of bets.
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