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Tips to eliminate bottlenecks in your betting site.


Providing the best experience to the users of the betting site should be the priority of all bookies. To achieve this the bookies must have a good Pay Per Head partner that gives them access to a complete team of programmers and web designers who are in charge of creating a betting site with the latest technologies and trends in the industry.
Having the team of programmers and designers of the Pay Per Head provider is a great help for bookies, mainly for those who do not have much knowledge about programming or web design. Despite having the help of this team of web experts, the bookies must also investigate and be aware of the trends and demands of users, so they can identify areas for improvement within their betting site.
To help bookies eliminate possible bottlenecks that are affecting the user experience of their bettors in their betting site we present the following recommendations:
Include a search bar
It has happened to all of us that we enter a website with the intention of carrying out a specific action, it may be to watch a video or make a bet, but when we are already on the site we do not know where to go and we can not easily find the section in particular that interests us. This causes great frustration in users who end up leaving the site. To solve this, bookies must ensure that they have a search bar that is visible throughout the betting site, and they must work to ensure that all the content of the betting site is optimized for searches, using tags and keywords. A well-optimized search bar can increase the level of user retention by up to 40%.
Optimize the experience of each user
Convenience is everything in the digital world and users want to make a few clicks as possible to get what they want. Think about Netflix for example, every time you enter the home page of your account the system presents the latest programs and movies you saw and with a single click allows you to resume from the last episode where you left your favorite series. The betting sites should aim to have similar systems that optimize the user experience so that each time you enter the betting site with your account you will be shown a menu with the latest bets that you make and with a single click you can re-betting on your favorite teams.
Confusing websites and cumbersome processes are the main bottlenecks that websites face today. The bookies should try to be aware of these and work together with their Pay per Head partner to solve them.
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