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There are some hostile markets with the Pay Per Head bookies.


Thanks to the Pay Per Head suppliers, bookies have the possibility to attack any market in the world. Being able to serve several markets at the same time is the key to having a successful betting business, but before launching to attract clients from 5 continents bookies should investigate the laws and regulations of each country since there are some countries that are a little hostile with the Pay Per Head bookies. A good example is Norway where for several years the authorities have declared an open war with betting operators operating outside the country. Recently, the Ministry of Culture proposed an amendment to the Broadcasting Act to block any type of announcement from international betting operators that is aimed at Norwegian bettors.

This war of the Norwegian authorities with international betting operators is quite curious and even ironic, since the authorities claim that these operators do not have a local license of operations, but the government does not issue this type of licenses for any operator and it only benefits state operators such as Norsk Tipping who handle everything related to sports betting.

Despite these efforts by the Norwegian authorities to limit the capabilities of international operators to serve Norwegian punters, the results they have obtained are minimal since the same punters prefer international operators for the variety of betting options they offer. Officials say that 10% of Norwegian gamblers played in an online casino of an international operator during 2018, but the real figure may be around 30% since this was the number from 2014 to 2017 and we don’t believe that the efforts of the authorities result in a 20% fall in just one year.

Norway is a particular case as the authorities try to limit international bookies, but punters demand their services. The bookies should carefully analyze if the market potential offered by the country is worthwhile in the face of possible sanctions or fines from local authorities.

The whole world offers unlimited potential for bookies, these should only carefully study the conditions to enter each country and market in the best way and make the most of the capabilities of their pay per head partner.