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There are no limits to the expansion of the betting market.


As 2019 progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that the US and the world's betting markets have no limits to their ability to expand, as each week we receive new information about the opening of new markets or historical records of newer market gains.
On this occasion, we are going to comment on 2 new markets that are about to legislate sports betting.
In the USA, it will be possible to bet on boats
In the state of Missouri, a bill has been presented to allow sports betting in two formats online and on boats, yes on boats.
Operators who want a gaming license must pay a fee of $ 10,000 and $ 5,000 fee to renew their respective licenses. With respect to taxes, the bill establishes 12% on gross receipts received from wagers and an administrative tax of 2.5% of which 80% of the collection will go to the Veteran's Capital Improvement Trust Fund.
The downside of this bill is that the gamblers must register an account in person at the operator's gambling facility, which will restrict gamblers a bit.
If all goes well the bill should go into operation by August 28 this year.
Avalanche of casinos in Brazil
An avalanche of 32 casinos could be built in Brazil thanks to a bill presented by Paulo Azi, a member of the Brazilian Democratic Party. The Bill contemplates that the number of casinos per state be determined according to the population of these, so a state with a population of 15 million can only have one casino in its territory, while states with a population of 15 to 25 million may have 2 casinos and finally states with a population greater than 25 million may have up to 3 casinos, Sao Paulo is the only state that meets the population requirement to have 3 casinos.
Both in the case of Missouri and Brazil, bookies that already have a betting site can take advantage of the time while the bills are approved, since as the figures show, the number of potential players that can be captured in these markets It is impressive and the best of all is that these players are eager to get into the action of sports betting and casino games.
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