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The states most addicted to the game and what this means for bookies.


Bets are a form of entertainment that in some cases can become a serious problem for bettors who become addicted to the game. It is, in fact, the addiction to the game and the social problems that this generates what many groups are using in some states to oppose the legalization of sports betting. Recently a study was published which using a series of metrics such as the amount of per capita lottery sold, the presence of illegal betting operators, the number of adults diagnosed with betting problems, among others, determine the states most addicted to gambling.

According to this study, the 10 states most addicted to gambling are:


South Dakota




West Virginia

New Jersey




These data are very valuable for bookies, which have a good Pay Per Head partner since this allows them to identify two very relevant situations for their betting business:

Market potential

While gambling addiction is a serious problem, this data also shows that there is a very large potential market for bookies in these territories where it seems that residents are more comfortable making bets and are more enthusiastic about this form of entertainment.

Risk mitigation

In addition to the market potential, this data also tells the bookies in which states are the ones that should be more careful and establish risk mitigation mechanisms such as betting alerts and betting limits that allow them to know what their bettors do in all moment and keep them controlled.

The key to dealing with the problems of gambling addiction is to have a good Pay Per Head partner that provides bookies with betting alert tools, betting limits, and a robust reporting system that allows bookies know what happens at every second on their betting site. The reporting system will also allow the bookies to analyze in detail the betting behavior of their players so that they can determine strange behavior and take the appropriate measures.

Dealing with a player who has gambling problems is not easy and the bookies have to be alert to prevent a situation that is not going to be pleasant neither for the bookie nor for the bettor.

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