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The fight for the US betting market.


Commercial situations such as the gold rush or the dot-com revolution were very beneficial for those who knew when and how to act. Currently, in the US it seems that another commercial situation similar to those mentioned above is being developed thanks to the lifting of the Sports betting ban by the Supreme Court.

Since the announcement of sports bets would be legal on American soil, companies have set foot on the throttle to be ready to serve the new betting market. For example, several fantasy sports companies have entered the world of betting thanks to suppliers of Pay Per head, while large European companies eager to enter the US betting market as soon as possible have done so through alliances with already established companies, a good example of this is the partnership between the Europe GVC Holding PLC and MGM Resorts International. European companies and investors prefer to establish an alliance with established companies because in this way they skip many processes that could take months or even years to establish their own operations in American territory, besides by doing this they secure a partner that already knows the betting market and has reputation.

Bookies that know how to make the right moves can benefit a lot from the current market situation. For example, if you already have a betting site with a good number of clients and a good reputation in the industry, you could go out and look for a European investor to partner with to expand the business.

Bookies can also take advantage of the moment to expand their operations in as many states as possible so that when bets are legalized in that state, they can have an advantage over all other companies.

Although it seems that the market is complicated and the fight will become ruthless leaving little or nothing for the small bookies, the truth is that this is the best moment in history to be a bookie, since all this will help bets to massify even more and more people will be interested in sports betting.

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