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The eSports begin to be taken more seriously.


ESports remain a complex issue for many, especially for bookies who in many cases prefer to stay away from this unknown territory, losing a great opportunity to grow the income of their betting business.

Bookies can not continue to ignore eSports for long, for example, in March of this year the English Football Association (FA), a name that will ring some bells for European football fans since it is the organization that controls the English Premier League, started a search to form the first national eSports team, specifically for the FIFA 19 videogame. The intention of the FA was that the team known as eLions to compete in the FIFA eNations Cup. The important thing about this news is to see how such an important and serious organization as the FA has begun to take an interest in eSports and has deployed mechanisms to support and become more involved in them.

ESports are the fastest growing sport in the world. The events increasingly record more audiences in the live broadcasts and professional gamers are getting closer in popularity and number of followers than traditional athletes. Given this scenario, it is not surprising that the FA and other organizations want to venture into this industry.

For the bookies movements like the one of the FA, it means that the eSports will take more strength and popularity. That is, more people will start looking for betting sites that offer betting options for different eSports events.

Bookies that want to take advantage of the next wave of popularity of eSports should prepare now and look for a good Pay Per Head partner that gives them access to betting options for all or at least the most important eSports events in the world. In addition to the betting options, the bookies should look for a Pay Per Head partner to provide them with management tools for bettors, as well as the facility to customize the betting site so that they can adapt it to the tastes of eSports fans so that they feel more comfortable.

Experts predict that eSports will be equal to or greater than sports such as basketball or football, it is for this reason that bookies should not wait to enter the game and start developing a market and a gambler base in this segment.
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