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The checklist of a new bookie.


Making lists is an excellent way to focus and not forget important things, in addition to serving to establish priorities and streamline decision making. For this reason, it is always good to make a to-do checklist when starting a business as this facilitates planning, you can monitor progress, you save money and increase the chances of the business is successful.
For this reason, we present the to-do checklist that every aspiring bookie must have to launch his business:
1. Bankroll
The first thing that bookie must have before launching its betting business is an insured bankroll, since in this way it will be able to determine the response capacity that the business will have and it will be able to develop the corresponding preventive strategies to avoid putting the business at risk, like establishing betting limits, customer filtering, among others.

2. Pay Per Head provider
A good Pay Per Head provider is fundamental to the success of any betting business. The bookie must exhaustively search for one that fits his needs and that provides all the tools and platforms he needs to develop and grow the betting business. It's a good idea that the bookie runs a trial with several providers before making the final desition. 

3. Customer Base
As in any business, the first customers always come from close circles such as family and friends. It is for this reason that bookies must identify those in their immediate circle who are potential clients of the betting site before launching it. Acquiring clients in close circles helps the bookie who has little to none experience to practice how to sell their betting site and at the same time protects it from losing money, since by knowing the first clients beforehand the bookie knows their payment capacity and where to find them in case they fall behind with payments.

4. Marketing Strategy
Finally, the bookie must work on a marketing strategy to publicize its betting site, because even if in the first instance it would look for clients in its close circle, at some point it must go out and look for external clients, even from other countries, so he must have a clear brand positioning strategy that allows him making a name in the betting industry.
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