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The United Kingdom gets severe with the advertising of the big bookmakers.


Until recently it was normal to tune in to an English premier league game and see advertising from the big betting houses inside the stadium and in the commercial breaks of the matches. This type of advertising could also be found at other live sporting events in the UK, but it seems that this is coming to an end. The big betting companies that operate in the United Kingdom have voluntarily agreed to the "whistle-to-whistle" ban on betting ads.

This voluntary ban seems to be the response of betting houses to the recent changes in the advertising laws in the United Kingdom, which have been toughened to prevent minors from being exposed to advertising related to betting.

Pay Per Head bookies can take advantage of this ban since the big bookmakers will lose brand positioning, the punters won't recognize and differenced between companies as easily as before. The moment of truth will be online when the punters are searching for a betting site where to place their bets.

To take advantage of the situation, the bookies must have a good Pay Per Head partner that provides them with all the betting options that UK punters are looking for, such as soccer matches for the premier league, FA Cup and Carling Cup. And matches of European soccer tournaments like the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League. They must also have betting options for horse races and cricket tournaments.

In addition to a wide range of betting options bookies must have all the platforms and staff needed to serve UK gamblers 24 hours a day.
Finally, bookies must invest in a good search engine positioning strategy that allows them to appear in the first options when a UK gambler makes a search. With regard to advertising on social networks, this should be handled very carefully due to new advertising laws.
The bookies must carefully study all the changes in the laws and in the behavior of the gamblers because even though a change such as the hardening of law that may seem negative, it can actually be a great opportunity to grow the business.

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