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The US betting market continues to expand


The states continue with their foot on the throttle to legalize sports betting in their territories and be able to make a profit from this growing and lucrative industry. Following are news from 2 states that have given the yes to sports betting.

Iowa legalizes sports betting with a good structure.
It seems that Iowa took note of the shortcomings of other states in terms of the law of betting and created legislation that seems to have all the elements necessary to be a success. Recently Governor Kim Reynolds signed SF 617 into law. One of the most striking aspects of this new betting law is that tax revenue is 6.75% which is quite low compared to what other states charge. The intention of the Iowa authorities is to make the state an attractive place for operators. The law also allows mobile bets and has a wide legal frame for consumer protection, in addition to provisions to encourage responsible gaming.
The 19 Iowa casinos can apply for a license to accept sports bets which cost $ 45,000. The major brands of the sportsbook industry such as FanDuel and DraftKings have already signed agreements with some casinos to be the providers of the sportsbook platforms.
New York against the wall to legalize sports betting.
The financial committee of the state will receive the S17 bill which would allow mobile bets as well as the possibility of making sports bets in commercial establishments and tribal casinos. The New York Senate Racing, Gaming, and Wagering Committee is behind this bill and who feels it is urgent to pass a law to allow sports betting in the territory since according to their data 25% of the revenue from sports betting in New Jersey it is due to New Yorkers who travel to this state to place their bets. Given the scenario, the bill may be approved much faster because the longer it takes, the more money the state will lose.
Both scenarios are very positive for bookies that operate through a Pay Per Head partner since they can capture clients in both states much more easily since as sports betting becomes more mainstream more and more people will look for a Bookie with which to place their bets.
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