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The True Risks of Becoming a Bookie


Not everything is a bed of roses in life, everything we do have risks and consequences that we need to face and fix, especially in the business. That’s the case of the gambling industry, even when is relatively easy to start a business in this industry, there are some things that can go wrong and kill your business.

To help you be a successful bookie, here are some of the most common risks of the betting industry and how to avoid them.

Players with little self-control
This is the major risk you can face as an online bookie and the chances that happen are really high. The typical scenario is the following; you have a regular player with an average performance of wins and losses, at some point, he starts to lose more and more, since he is a regular player, you don’t give too much importance to his bad streak and you allow the bettor to keep placing bets. When you realize it's too late, and that guy owes you a serious amount of money, that affects your cash flow, your ability to pay winners and hits directly into your bankroll. This kind of situations can lead a bookie to bankruptcy.

If you don’t control your players, they don’t going to control themselves, that’s the reason why having a Pay Per Head provider is the best way to avoid these problems. Through the betting management system you can easily set wager and credit limits for each of your players and when someone gets behind on payments you can shut down his account until he until it is up to date with payments.

There is all kind of scams out there, but the most common one is related with services providers like web designers and pay per head companies. For example, a bunch of college kids can design a website and claim to be a top pay per head provider, but when it comes to delivering the services they offer you get nothing. That’s why you have to choose carefully you pay per head partner and go to reputable companies that have been on the market for several years.

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