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The Secret Weapon of Jeff Bezos Success


The success stories of internet magnates are always inspiring for those of us who are in a business that operates on the internet, in addition to these stories we can learn a tip or two that can be applied to our businesses in order to improve processes and grow our operation.

One of the magnates we are always trying to learn something from is Jeff Bezos since he managed to establish the largest retail operation on the internet and his net worth is approximately $ 40 billion.

Studying the Bezos case closely, we managed to find the secret weapon that made him so successful and allowed him to create and maintain one of the largest empires on the Internet. It is about the use of data for strategic purposes, since the beginning of Amazon, Bezos became obsessed with the idea of being able to measure and collect data of everything that happened on the website in order to then use that data to make strategic decisions that would allow to improve the business in all its aspects.

The practice of using data to make business decisions is still valid in Amazon and its data collection and interpretation mechanisms have become so sophisticated that they can process data of more than 600 sales per second.
Bookies can also use Bezos' secret weapon in their businesses, since by having a Pay Per 
Head partner the bookies have access to a complete set of tools and mechanisms that are constantly monitoring everything that happens on the betting site, to then process it and present it in the form of customizable reports that will provide the bookie with all the information it needs.
If the bookies make good use of these monitoring and reporting tools to make the strategic decisions of their betting business, in a short time they will be able to grow their business and keep all aspects of the same functioned in the best way and most importantly protecting their investment and monthly income.
The correct use of data for strategic decisions is something that all companies are adopting today, bookies have the advantage that they already have all the tools thanks to pay per head providers.
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