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TV isn’t what it used to be, How this affects the Bookie Business?


Every day fewer people watch traditional broadcast TV, cable companies across the US are losing subscribers and the business model of TV is crumbling. People now watch content on demand across multiple devices like smartphones, smart TV, and personal computers. In the case of sports, however, the trend has not been fully adopted yet, thanks to exclusive broadcast contracts between the leagues and TV companies, this force people to watch sports on a specific TV network, but despite TV broadcast contracts more and more sports are starting to adapt their contents to multiple devices and using online streaming platforms to broadcast.

One common strategy among bookies is to use TV schedules to know which games are getting broadcast and promote betting options on those games since the games that get more media coverage are the bettors favorite to gamble on. But with this new trend of TV consumption bookies need to adapt their strategies. For that reason here are our recommendations about how to handle and take advantage of the trend:

Use Video for your Betting Site
That people are not watching TV doesn’t mean they don’t want to consume sports-related video content; in fact, they are hungry to find this kind of content on YouTube and Facebook. You can become the provider of that content, create a vlog of sports news or betting tips and use live streaming services such as Facebook Live to talk about sports. You may not get a lot of views from the start, but be constant in this will eventually pay off. Just make sure to create content that adds value to the viewers and promote your betting site in a subtle and classy way.

Don’t be afraid to start with a low-end equipment, many famous vloggers started that way, but if you want to project a more professional image, hire a professional video production team to help. Whichever the path you choose, the important thing is that you take advantage of the trend, according to Harvard Business Review the opportunity in video content for brands remains largely untapped.

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