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Strong police operations against illegal gambling in California. Should the bookies worry?


California police are declaring war on illegal bets. In recent weeks several operations have been carried out, which have resulted in the arrest of more than 100 people. According to the statements of those in charge of the operations, this is only the beginning since they intend to eliminate as many illegal gambling sites as the can.

Within the places raided by the police in addition to the illegal bets, other illicit activities have been found such as drugs and weapons. Some of these illegal gambling sites seem to be linked to street gangs. The California police have been able to discover these places thanks to the work of undercover agents and tracks provided by local residents.

This situation makes the Pay Per Head bookies that operate in the California area nervous since they believe that at any moment a SWAT squad can enter their living room to close their betting business. The truth is that bookies that operate with an offshore Pay Per Head provider do not have to worry about this situation since the law stipulates that bets are not illegal if they are made with a company outside the US territory. While bookies handle their entire operation through the tools and platforms provided by their Pay Per Head partner they should not have any fear.

The operations carried out by the California police concentrate on dismantling clandestine betting sites that operate like small casinos without a license and where other types of illicit activities are also presented.

Bookies that have a good Pay Per Head partner with a good reputation and vast experience in the betting industry can rest assured that their betting business is not in danger. For this reason, it is very important that the bookies choose their Pay Per Head partner very well, since the per head shop is responsible for all the factors necessary to have a successful betting business.

As long as the California pay per head bookies are not linked with any kind of criminal organization and they handled all their betting business activity online they don’t have to worry. 

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