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Somewhere in the world, there is a betting market ready to be exploited.


Recently the Taiwan Sports Lottery CO revealed the official profit figures during 2018 which broke records registering $ 1.4 billion, representing an increase of 32% compared to the previous year. The authorities indicate that the increase was largely due to the FIFA World Cup, which represented 30% of all bets.

Taiwan is an example of a betting market that is not completely exploited by the bookies. At the moment it is illegal for Taiwanese to bet on off-shore sites, but despite this restriction, gamblers in this country prefer to go to international betting sites in search of better odds and more varied betting options.

While we are not recommending the bookies that attack the Taiwanese betting market we use it as an example to demonstrate that there are still betting markets that have not been exploited.

In spite of the globalized world and the facilities that technology offers, sports betting does not reach all corners of the planet, in some cases, it is due to lack of legislation and in others, it may be due to lack of access to technologies. In any case what we are sure of is that in all corners of the planet there are bettors willing to have some action.

Given this scenario, bookies must study and analyze the different countries of the world in search of new markets to which to expand their betting business. Thanks to the facilities provided by Pay Per Head suppliers, bookies can access gambling and sports betting options from all over the world, and Pay Per Head companies have a multilingual staff capable of serving punters of any nationality. The bookies must know in depth what are the capabilities of their Pay Per Head provider to serve punters from different countries and take advantage of these capabilities to expand their business to new markets.

Bookies today cannot serve a single betting market since this is not profitable in the long term, if bookies want to have a betting business that really generates good income and has unlimited growth capabilities, bookies should think globally.

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