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Skills that bookies should have.


With the transformations and sudden changes that are experienced in the world of betting, bookies have to develop a set of unique skills that allow them to manage their business in the best way and lead to success.

Twenty years ago bookies had to be proficient with numbers so they can create and move their own betting lines, have a good memory to remember all the bettors and their bets and be on constant alert since they probably operated a clandestine betting business which did not have technological tools since at that time online bets are just beginning to proliferate.

Nowadays, bookies must possess other types of abilities, since online bets have become the main form of betting. Operating a betting business through an offshore Pay Per Head provider is not illegal, so bookies should no longer worry about hiding from the law, but in addition to this technology has forced bookies to have to perfect the following abilities:

Based on social relationships

The bookies of these days should be social beings, that is, they should have the skills to establish trusting relationships with strangers quickly, and they should always be at the front of their betting business being the face of the business at all times since this is one of the main elements that generate confidence with potential gamblers. The bookies no longer have to be hidden in a dark alley or in a wet warehouse with low lighting, the bookies of today must go to sports bars, tailgate parties or any event that allows them to meet potential customers to introduce them his betting business.

Based on data

The bookies that operate their business with an offshore Pay Per Head provider have a large number of technological tools that collect data on everything that happens in their betting business. Bookies have to learn how to correctly use and interpret this data to guide decision-making in their business. Bookies that base their decisions on data generate higher profits, have fewer losses and scale their business faster. The data these days is the central base of healthy and successful betting business.     

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