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Retain and Expand, How to Grow your Player Base.


There are some periods of time where find new players becomes an impossible task, may it be due to an economic crisis, natural disasters, political tensions or other reasons, sometimes you face a drought. Believe me, it happens to all at some point, maybe your bookie business has a good run and suddenly you stand. 

But you don’t have to be afraid, in fact, the beauty of the gambling industry is that is unpredictable and everything can happen, in the case you are facing a bad streak, there are some strategies you can follow to open the money stream again. 


When you are on a bad streak and you don’t get new players for several weeks, don’t lose the calm and don´t focus all your energy and money on that issue. If you reach the point where your player base isn’t growing the best you can do is to focus on your current players and retain them in order to establish a long-term relationship. 

Bonus bets, VIP programs, giveaways, and raffles are a good way to retain your players, make them feel special and show them that your betting site offers a great value for players. 


If you are not getting new players despite marketing efforts, this could mean that you dried out the target market your focus on. For example if you focus on NFL bettors from the USA and during postseason you don’t get any new bettor you should retarget your marketing efforts to new markets like finding NFL bettors outside the U.S. Another strategy you can follow to expand is to change your offered sports and find new market opportunities with exotic leagues, casino games or horse racing. 

Pay Per Head Bookies have the ability to quickly change their business strategies, on one hand they have a state of the art software that allows them to know everything they need about their players and their betting habits, and on the other a huge amount of sports from around the world, casino games and horse racing tracks they can feature on their betting site. 

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