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Promotion Strategies for your Betting Site


Let’s face it, some people have a creative gene that allows them to craft clever and attractive ideas, for example, creating promotion strategies for a betting site, but there are some people that simply don't have it, plus the everyday responsibilities leave no time to think about new ways to promote their betting site.

Whichever the case, there are some good old fashion promotion strategies that always work and are easy and quick to implement, for those bookies looking for a stress-free life here are some promotion strategies:

Content Promotion
If you want to go in a different direction of the rest of betting sites, you can use content as a way to promote your gambling business. Instead of offering your players with a bonus or free plays, you provide them with exclusive content like betting tips and sports news, so they can develop their betting strategy. This kind of promotion works well when you are trying to get new leads since you can offer the access to the content in exchange of their contact information.

No Betting Minimums
As the name indicates this promotion consists in lifting the betting minimums for new players for a limited time. This kind of promotion is great to attract new players, especially first-time bettors since this is the perfect excuse to make the first bet without risking too much money.  Be careful with this promotion as betting limits are there to secure you receive a certain amount of money that allows you to keep the business running.    

Great Customer Services
All bookies claim to have a superb customer service, but just a few of them can really live up to their promises. A great way to show your potential players that you have outstanding customer services is challenging them to prove it. You can do this by providing a promotion code that can only be redeemed by phone. In this way your customers will test the quality of customer service first-hand, just make sure to offer a juice benefit that motivates players to pick up the phone and make the call. 

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