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Promote your betting site through a podcast.


The betting industry is very competitive and bookies must be constantly innovating and finding new ways to break through all the advertising noise to which people are exposed so that they can promote their betting site and attract new bettors to make the business grow.

One of the strategies that bookies can use to promote their betting site is Podcast.
The Podcast is a trend that has been booming for several years, but it is in 2018 when it reaches its peak thanks to Spotify included in its podcast catalog, this allowed podcast creators to reach a market of 90 million users. In addition to Spotify, there are other podcast platforms such as iTunes and Google Podcasts, which makes the potential audience larger.

Furthermore to the large potential audience, podcasts are an excellent way to promote a betting site for the following reasons:

Low production cost
To produce a podcast does not require a large budget, you only need a smartphone or a laptop with a microphone that works well. To edit the recordings there are several free software's on the market, so producing a podcast is really cheap and anyone can do it. The important thing about the podcast is that it has relevant and interesting content for the audience. In the case of betting business, podcasting can be produced to present betting tips, predictions or simply to analyze games.

Helps to build a reputation
If the podcast has good content, people will begin to share it with other people, generating a virilizing effect and also help build the reputation of the betting business, which will position itself as a serious and professional site.

From audience to community
Thanks to social networks bookies can interact live while recording the podcast with their listeners, thus creating a new channel of communication and interaction between the bookie and its potential gamblers. Besides, this communication channel generates a sense of community in the people as they feel part of the production.
To be at the forefront of the betting industry you have to be constantly experienced with new marketing strategies to reach new potential gamblers.
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