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Prepare your customer services strategy for 2019.


Technology and mainly social networks have changed the expectations of consumers, as they now expect not only to have a response from companies and brands, but also to really connect with them. In fact, 80% of the consumers use some digital medium or social network as the primary source of contact with the companies, which has meant that they have to pay more attention and care to these media in order to be able to answer and satisfy the demands of their consumers.

This trend also applies to the world of betting, where each day bettors are more connected and digitized, it is for this reason that we present some tips to prepare a customer service strategy for 2019:

Private messages as a primary channel.
In many industries, private messages through social networks have replaced the customer service call center. Although this is not likely to happen in the short term in the betting industry as there are still many bettors who prefer to make a call, if it is recommended that the bookies devote resources to strengthen and properly attend any queries that enter by these means, since 54% of users prefer to use directing messages in social networks to a call or email.

Invest in chatbots
Related to the previous point, a good way to strengthen customer service through direct messages on social networks is through the use of chatbots, as these allow to provide attention 24 hours a day, automating responses that help consumers immediately.

Personal and human treatment
Finally, what customers are looking for when they come into contact with a brand is a personalized and human customer service, that is, having the ability to engage in a conversation with the customer service agent, regardless of the means by which they are contacted. The client wants to feel that the customer service agent is there only to serve him.

Establish a customer service strategy in line with modern trends is essential to have a successful betting business; most companies spend 98% of their time and resources in attracting customers, but only 2% in customer service. For this reason, bookies should pay special attention to their customer service strategies since customer service is the new marketing, excellent customer service can attract many more customers than the most expensive marketing campaign.

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