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Potential markets for bookies within the US (Florida and West Virginia)


The legalization of sports betting in the USA continues to advance, according to what has happened to date we can infer that this will take quite some time and that during 2019 we will see new states adding to the fever of sports betting.
Currently, we have detected 2 states that have very opposite situations in regard to the legalization of sports betting, but both states can be a big potential market for PPH bookies if they perform the right strategies.
West Virginia
The legal sports betting market in West Virginia began last August and to date has managed around $ 23 million, which may seem small, but analyzing the situation of legal operators in the state we find that these lack good options for mobile and online bets, which limits the options of the residents when placing bets. Bookies that have a good Pay Per Head provider can take advantage of this situation to gain ground in West Virginia and offer their websites and mobile applications to the residents of this state.
The West Virginia market has a great potential and although it seems small at the moment its inhabitants are eager to make sports bets, bookies have to rush to enter this market since the 5 West Virginia casinos already have the permits to be able to ally with up to 3 external sports betting companies and it is very likely that the big names in the industry are the ones that will take advantage of this situation.

The state of the sun presents a completely opposite situation to West Virginia, in the sense that the state does not seem to take advantage of the window of opportunity to legalize sports betting. The state opted to hold a referendum to decide how sports betting would be legalized, several sports betting companies opposed the referendum that would be carried out as they considered that any result obtained would negatively affect the industry. Currently, the result obtained from the referendum points to the fact that the state's tribes are the ones that will have total control over sports betting. PPH bookies can take advantage of this because while disputes are developing between large groups, bookies can offer online betting solutions to Florida residents without problems.
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