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PGA says yes to the world of betting.


The US betting industry is constantly transforming, thanks to the lifting of the veto on sports betting in North American territory since last year, we have witnessed how the market expands at a dizzying pace. Everyone wants to get a share of the action that is being generated around betting, including leagues and official teams who have begun to change their regulations to be able to associate with brands and companies from the world of betting in order to attract more viewers and offer unique betting products and experiences.
Recently the PGA has opened the door to betting companies which can now become Offical Marketing Partners (OMP) of any of the six tours of the PGA. Under these new guidelines, players can now be sponsored by bookmakers, use the logos of betting companies in their clothing and carry out advertising campaigns. A small detail of this new PGA policy is that only well-established casinos will be considered to become OMP, so companies that focus solely on sports betting are excluded.
The PGA sees in sports betting an opportunity to revitalize the sport and increase its popularity since in recent years the ratings of the tours have dropped a lot. In 2018 George Pyne CEO of Bruin Sports Capital had presented the idea of getting closer to the betting industry to the commissioner of the PGA tour, since in the words of Pyne: "You're 19 times more likely to watch an event if you ' re betting on it, So the engagement of those people that are going to be gambling is going to increase avidity. "

It seems that Pyne's pitch took effect and in the words of PGA Tour Senior Vice President Andy Levinson: "We felt it was time to look at our policies, given the public perception around gaming, and to update those policies to be consistent with public sentiment. "
With a more active presence of betting companies on the golf courses, it is highly probable that the interest to bet on this sport increases substantially, benefiting the bookies that have a good betting site with attractive betting options for the different tours of the PGA.
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