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Nostalgic Marketing and How Bookies Can Apply It.


There is a premise that says: "All past time was better", what this implies is that as we get older, we yearn for and treasure more the past and tend to believe that they were better times than those we currently live. Marketing and advertising experts have managed to demonstrate that this premise is true and have developed techniques, products, and campaigns to get the most out of it, under the name of nostalgic marketing.

Campaigns based on nostalgic marketing tend to be much more effective and powerful than traditional campaigns since the consumer tends to connect better with them.  A company that did a great job applying  nostalgic marketing is Nintendo; the company launched the NES classic in 2016, 35 years after the release of the original console, in just 3 days the console was sold out the console has been a huge sales success until now, for example in 2018 the NES classic outsell the popular modern consoles like the PS4 and the Xbox One.

Bookies that want to apply nostalgic marketing to promote their betting site can do so on YouTube since a recent study by a Google found out that sports fans are watching past sports events on YouTube. For example, 84% of soccer fans on YouTube claim to see past World Cups and past league games. Similarly, 68% of fans of the Olympics also review historical material on YouTube.

Bookies can take advantage of this trend in 2 ways:

Create compilation contents. 
The bookies can create video content with highlight’s of past games of different sports, in this way they can present in an organic way their betting site before these sports fans that are looking for historical material.

The other way to take advantage of this trend is to place video ads of the betting site in videos of past matches on YouTube. 70 of the most viewed videos on YouTube of this category contain words like great, greatest or best in the titles, so bookies should try to link their ads with these types of keywords.

Nostalgia is a powerful weapon to sell and bookies should take advantage of it now that they have the opportunity.

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