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News from the betting markets in the USA.


The flourishing and profitable betting market that is expanding in the USA at the moment is impressive and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The bookies have to be very attentive to the news about the legalization of sports betting in the different states since this will allow them to identify possible opportunities to expand their betting business and increase their profits.

Below we present news from two states that are taking a step forward to legalize sports betting in their territories:

Montana will be ready for the NFL season

Steve Bullock, governor of Montana, has signed a decree that legalizes and allows sports betting in the state. There are still some details to be defined on how the law will be applied, but it seems that everything will be ready by September of this year, which will allow Montana gamblers to fully enjoy the new season of the NFL. The law that Governor Bullock signed contemplates that betting kiosks can be installed in addition lottery shops and convenience stores are allowed to take bets.

Indiana joins the race to legalize sports betting

Eric Holcomb Governor of Indiana holds a bill that aims to change the gambling industry in Indiana. This bill would allow sports betting and mobile bets. The problem that this bill faces is a political issue since the bill apparently includes a strange clause that could benefit Spectacle the operator of the riverfront casinos of the state, and who apparently has a close relationship with the governor. This relationship could cause opponents of the governor to block the bill. We will have to wait and see how the political game in Indiana develops.

Bookies that have a good Pay Per Head partner can take advantage of the situation presented by these 2 states and start promoting and acquiring clients right away. In the case of Montana, the legalization of sports betting is already a fact, so it is very likely that residents of this state are already looking for and analyzing different options of bookies to familiarize themselves with the betting industry. While in Indiana it is possible that the law takes some time to pass, and during all that time the bettors will be unattended and looking for options to place bets legally.

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