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NASCAR embraces sports betting to increase the sport popularity.


A few weeks ago we reported how NASCAR has lost popularity and fans of motorsports are turning to other types of racing to get the excitement and adrenaline of the tracks.
It seems that to raise enthusiasm for the races NASCAR has stepped forward to officially embrace sports betting within the sport. Since the lifting of the sports betting ban in the USA, we have seen how leagues like the NHL have signed agreements with betting firms to improve the experience of the fans and offer them betting products with the seal of guarantee of the league. NASCAR seems to want to follow this trend.
Since last year, NASCAR has had the intention of officially incorporating betting in the sport, in the words of NASCAR executive Steve O'Donnell: "I wanted to go all in on with betting the last year". But NASCAR decided to take things slowly and study better the panorama and the possible implications of incorporating sports betting. They spend most of the time creating an internal regulation that protects and ensures ethics within the sport.
For Heck Gaughan, former driver and current host of 2 NASCAR betting news show´s: "The more people betting and playing fantasy games on your sport, the more people watch and NASCAR knows that". So we can think that this NASCAR move may be an attempt to regain an audience.
Regarding the world of betting, states such as Delaware report good numbers in terms of betting on car races and forecast good growth potential mainly in online betting.
For the bookies, this is good news, because although NASCAR is taking the initiative to ally with sports betting a little late this effort can greatly benefit the bookies. It is very possible that interest in NASCAR betting increases during this year and bookies that have a good betting business will be able to capture many of the clients in search of a good betting site to place their bets.
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