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Live casinos a high-tech betting experience for gamblers.


The betting industry has evolved a lot in terms of digital betting experiences, for example, the first live casinos were launched some 12 years ago, a rudimentary attempt to bring the experience of betting in a real casino to the digital media of that time. Since then, much progress has been made and currently live casinos are one of the most complete high-tech betting experiences that can be accessed.

The technologies of today allow the player to have an immersive experience in a live casino, where he interacts with a flesh and bone dealer in an environment with excellent video quality where gamblers can play a wide range of casino games such as roulette or blackjack, and which the gambler can access from anywhere and from any type of device, giving complete freedom and flexibility to the player.

The bookies must see in the live casinos a tool to attract new players and to keep their current players entertained. In case alone the live casinos could not seem as a great source of income, but combined with a good sportsbook and a good racebook, the live casinos can be an excellent supplementary source of earnings for bookies.

Operating and maintaining a live casino is not an easy job, in some cases, it requires a staff of up to 30 people among dealers, video operators, programmers, quality control managers, moderators of the gaming rooms and security managers who watch that there are no players counting cards or abusing from gambling bonuses. It is for this reason that bookies that want to integrate a good live casino on their betting site should choose a Pay Per Head company that has high-tech hardware and software tools, as well as a full staff of professionals in charge of operating the live casino.

During 2018 searches in Google for the term live casino increased between 20 and 30% compared to the previous year, this means that the interest of bettors is increased towards this type of entraining; the bookies must be ready for serve the growing market of gamblers interested in live casinos.

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