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Once upon a time, sports-betting houses worked like massive odds warehouses, catering to every kind of player, regardless of taste or budget, and it all seemed to work pretty darn fine for everyone. Sadly, things have changed quite a bit since the onset of the online-betting boom, and choosing the right platform is no longer as easy as it used to be.


Trying to come up with a complete list of all the factors affecting players’ choices is nearly impossible, but you can still base your own player fishing/retention strategies on a few very simple concepts, relating to some of the most basic and common-place preferences, shared by sports bettors the world over!


Below these lines, you will find some very useful tips, intended for both regular sports players and those wishing to become successful Pay Per Head entrepreneurs.


  • Tomato – Tomatoe? Sports, like food, change a LOT depending on geographic location.  What may be popular in England may not be so in Australia, and similarly, players from St. Louis may not be as invested in Hockey as those living in Edmonton, Canada. Similarly, the sports-betting offer has become a whole more diverse, and throughout the last two decades, the online menu has expanded to include sites that specialize in particular sports fields. For instance, if you’re planning on catering to players in southern Florida, you’d want to make sure that your PPH platform specializes in odds for College Football, Baseball and other American sports classics.
  • Teasers or Parlays? Generally, bettors tend to be quite picky about the type of wagers they like to make, and this is not something they’re necessarily willing to reconsider: provide them with a platform that offers them everything else expect what they’re looking for, and they will jump boat in an instant. Some online-action powerhouses -such as loselines.ag- draw in new players with attractive and exclusive parlay payout odds, unrivaled by the competition. Keep your eye out for “specialty” books, in order to better fit your Pay Per Head platform to your clientele’s singular tastes.
  • Don’t overcomplicate it! – It isn’t uncommon to find first-time bookies struggling to make their mind on which PPH service to choose, especially when it comes to the number and different types of features available on the wide array of Pay Per Head services on the web. Some offer the hottest mobile phone apps, exclusive sports content, and other even have embedded live-streaming services, such as the highly recommended ABCPerHead.com. Try reading into the minds of your player group and determine what type of features they’d be the most interested in.


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