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Knowing the Schedule Limit Override Tool


Even when I have been in the betting industry for several years, I still get surprised by the number of tools and features Pay Per Head providers offer to bookies to run their wager business. One of those wonderful tools is the Schedule Limit Override; this allows bookies to set limits for a certain amount of time. With this tool, bookies can disable all the wagers on NFL games for a day or restrain wagers for a specific player. Bookies can set limits for specific sports, a period of time and player profiles.

This tool can make or break a bookie business since it has a lot of influence power on how bettors will behave within the betting site, but as any power carries a great responsibility. That’s the reason why we give you the following recommendations on how to use the schedule limit override.

It’s a money protection system, but be wise
The schedule limit override tool is basically a measure to protect the bookies pockets, since it can easily turn off all the wagers on games or sports that have received bets that are no favorable to the house, but if the bookie does this, he is sending a wrong signal to all the bettors, exposing himself as weak, worried and insecure to handle fair bets.

For that reason bookies need to be wise on how and when to use the schedule limit override, our recommendation is that bookies use the tool as a way to bring balance to the whole inventory of sports they have featured on their betting site, here is how to do it:

Bookies need to be aware of games schedules, for example, if there is an NFL game the same day an NBA game, bookies can set a 2 to 3 hour limit for NFL wagers in order to promote and increase the number of bets on the NBA game. Of course, each betting site is different so bookies need to identify what betting options are getting strained to promote them through marketing campaigns while setting limits for the betting options that are hot.

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