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Is your Pay Per Head Provider Reliable?


Bookies can only achieve true success with the help of a reliable Pay Per Head provider, since trough, this providers bookies can take their betting business to a new level and compete in global markets with large Sports Books.

But, How Bookies can make sure they are selecting a reliable Pay Per Head partner? That's a tough question because reliability depends on many factors that can not be met by some pay per head shops.

To know if a Pay Per Head provider is reliable, bookies need to pay attention to the following:

Back-Up Plans
One of the things that makes a Pay Per Head reliable is its ability to keep the business running no matter what happened. From natural disaster to technical troubleshoots, reliable Pay Per Head providers are ready to face any scenario and they have several support plans to ensure that the betting sites and all related services operate 24 hours a day. For example, good Pay Per Head providers has the redundancy plan that consists of the deploy of 3-way communication lines that includes phone, satellite, and VOIP. This ensures that if one line goes down there are other two to maintain communication.

Another contingency plan use by reliable Pay Per Head providers is the recovery plan, that involves the use of several high-end servers in different countries that store backups of all the betting sites. If for some reason the main server goes down, to the backup server immediately kicks in to ensure that the betting site remains intact and operating.
These high-end servers are also prepared to handle large volumes of traffic and transactions, to prevent them from collapsing during periods of high visits, such as the Super Bowl or the World Series.

Back-up plans are one of the essential components to determine whether a Pay Per Head provider is reliable or not. Bookies can check on the Per Head company website for the backup plans or call their customer services staff to find out more about how well prepared is the pay per head provider in case of an emergency.

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