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Inbound Marketing Techniques for your Betting Site


Every day people are bombarded with a huge amount of information from different brands, what has caused people to feel overwhelmed and not pay attention to the messages that brands are trying to deliver. This makes it harder to reach customers with regular marketing techniques, that’s the reason why new approaches have emerged such as inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is based on the principle of helping the customer to solve a problem, the main asset used in inbound marketing to help the customer, is with educational content. This content is created to provide the customer with some knowledge that is useful to them. Unlike the traditional marketing approaches, this kind of strategy does not fight for the customer attention. It’s quite the opposite because in most cases the customer is eagerly looking for that kind of information and it’s willing to provide their contact information or perform other types of actions on a website to get access to the information.
For bookies looking to implement new strategies to attract players to their betting site, here are some recommendations on how to use inbound marketing:

Create a Blog
Creating a sports betting blog is the easiest and cheap way to create a platform with content that helps your players. With services as Wordpress and Blogspot bookies can start blogging in a matter of minutes and with the help of the web design team of the Pay Per Head provider, the blog can be indexed into the main betting site. The content can be focus on sports news or betting tips and with a couple of good posts per week, bookies can start to get noticed and engage with players.

Create a Vlog
Video is a huge trend right now, for example, 122,000 videos are watched on YouTube every second, so if bookies really want to engage with potential players this is the ideal platform. Unlike the blog with this option production cost will increase since special equipment is needed such as an HD camera and some lights, but the reputation and the level of engagement that can be reached with this option will be superior.  

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