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Improve the accessibility of your betting site


In the modern world people have little time, so they want products that make their life easier, that are simple and quick to use. Consumers demand even more these characteristics of fast and easy to use products and services, from those related to entertainment such as betting sites, since the only thing they seek is to disconnect from the world, relax and have fun doing some sports bets or playing in the online casino. If the process to use your betting site is complex to the clients, they are more likely to leave your site and look for another option that meets their needs.

For this reason, bookies should be concerned that their betting site has a high level of accessibility, meaning that anyone regardless of their age or level of technical knowledge can make use of all the features and services of the site. To achieve a site with high accessibility, we present a series of recommendations.

Content and Colors friendly to the eye

To have a betting site with high accessibility, this must be friendly to the eye, in the case of colors, the contrast between the background color and the letters can have a great impact on how people perceive and use your betting site. The contrast should be friendly to the eye, using colors that complement each other well eg red letters on a black background is not a good choice. In addition to the contrast, the content must also be presented in a pleasing view with blocks of text and paragraphs well-spaced and segmented. Remember that people do not read in depth, if not scan the texts, for this reason, it is a good idea to use clear headlines in each paragraph and highlight with bold or underline the relevant data such as the free number of your bookie business or the email for support.


To have high accessibility in your betting site, this should be multiplatform, that is to say, work well in any internet browser, on any operating system, in any language, and on any device.

To achieve an excellent betting site that has all the characteristics of high accessibility, it is best to partner with a Pay Per Head provider, which has a team of web design and programming professionals, that knows all the best practices of web design.

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