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I have the best Pay Per Head provider, but my business is not going so well?


We have commented a lot on this blog about the importance of correctly selecting the Pay Per Head company with which you are going to work. But selecting the Pay Per Head company is just the first step in the race to be a successful bookie.

Imagine someone gave you a stick-shift Ferrari and you only know how to drive automatic cars. Your lack of ability to drive the Ferrari properly causes the car to lose all its purpose and value proposition. Yes, it looks damn good parked in front of your house, but you can do nothing with the car than left parked until you learn how to drive it properly. The same happens when you work with a Pay Per Head company, no matter that you have allied with the best company in the market if you do not learn how to use the tools and platforms of this company in the best way your business will not prosper.

It is a very common mistake among bookie newbies believe that just because they allied with one of the big companies in the industry their business will grow overnight and the mountains of money will arrive in a short time. The truth is that being a partner of a good Pay Per Head company is only part of the process that involves being a successful bookie.
For bookies that really want to get the most out of their Pay Per Head partner, we present the following recommendations:

Study your partner thoroughly
The first thing a bookie should do is to thoroughly study all the services, tools and platforms provided by their Pay Per Head partner. The bookie has to be able to fully handle all the characteristics of each of the systems so that you can identify which of these services, platforms, and tools are the ones that will help him run his business in a more efficient way and allow him to provide a better service to the gamblers.

Compare with the competition
Once the bookie has completely mastered the services, platforms, and tools of his Pay Per Head provider, he should make a benchmark with other Pay Per Head providers in the market, so that the bookie will know firsthand with what services, tools and platforms their competitors have and in what factors these are different from those provided by their current Pay Per Head partner. This is the best way to quickly find the value proposition of the betting business by knowing what makes his current Pay Per Head partner unique and different.
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