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I have been a bookie for a year and I have no earnings.


The betting business is very lucrative, but to be lucrative like any other business you need to have a defined strategy and be a bookie with a quick and attentive mind to make the right decisions at the right time.

Many bookies believe that just by launching their betting site, the money will start raining overnight and that they will be able to start giving themselves the luxuries they have always wanted without having to work hard. When the business does not produce profits, bookies tend to lose patience and lose interest in the business. But they do not stop to think that they may need to make some adjustments to the business strategy to make it more profitable.

Below, we present a series of advice to help bookies that have been in the industry for more than a year and have not produced profits.

Check your marketing expenses
Some bookies make the mistake of investing way too much money on marketing for the betting site, so they end up spending a lot of money to attract just a few players. The best way to control this is by using the customer acquisition cost formula. The formula is pretty simple just take all the money invested in marketing and divided by the number of customers it generates, the result of this division determines how much it is costing the bookie attracts a single customer to the betting site.

Check your pay per head provider
Choosing the right pay per head provider is a difficult task, and many bookies don't do it right the first time. Having the wrong pay per head provider can make the operational costs of the betting business very high since there is pay per head companies that charge extra fees for some services. Bookies should make sure that they are allied with the right Pay Per Head partner and that it provides the tools and platforms that the bookie needs to run the betting business.

Check your gamblers
Some betting sites fail to be profitable because they do not have the correct policy for handling gamblers. For example, these betting sites give credit to gamblers who do not deserve it and who do not respect payment agreements. The bookies have to be very strict with their customers and suspend the account of those gamblers who are late with payments or who the bookie knows firsthand that they have exceeded their betting limit. Having the right pay per head provider makes the task of handling gamblers much easier thanks to the management tools that the betting software has.

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