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How to use data-driven creativity to grow your betting business.


Currently one of the largest investments made by companies is in systems that measure and collect data from their customers and processes. They do this in order to better understand the purchasing processes and make the necessary adjustments to improve the customer experience. Millions of dollars are what companies invest in these systems and the problem is that many times you do not get a return on that investment because the data is misused. Data is a means and not an end, data must be interpreted and used with creativity to create new solutions and improvements in processes.
Bookies that have a good Pay Per Head partner have the advantage of having an excellent data collection system, so they do not have to spend a fortune to implement one. The only thing bookies should do is understand how to correctly use the data collected by this system to direct the decisions of their business. Here are some recommendations.

Geographical data.
The bookies can collect information from what country, state or territory they have more gamblers, this type of data can serve the bookie to devise a strategy, for example, to start working with a sub-agent in that particular state so that gamblers get more personalized and close service. This will increase the loyalty of the gamblers of that state and allow the bookie to expand its business through recommendations from the same bettors.

Betting habits data
I know of bookies that complain that they do not get enough NFL bets even though they are constantly promoting them on their betting site. These bookies, instead of concentrating on promoting betting options in the NFL, must first analyze which are the betting habits of their current gamblers so that they can identify which sports really interest them and focus on promoting those sports. Many times these bookies lose great opportunities to serve and profit from market niches that they already have within their betting site.

The data collection and reporting systems of Pay Per Head's suppliers are really powerful and allow the bookie to extract information with a great level of detail. The bookies should focus on learning to use these tools in their entirety in order to get the most out of them.
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