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How to perform the player management task on your betting site.


The bookies that are associated with a good Pay Per Head company have a complete set of tools that help them manage their betting business in a simple and agile way.
It is the responsibility of the bookies to learn how all these tools are used in order to get the most out of them and thus lead their betting business to success. To help bookies to use the tools of their Pay Per Head provider in the best way, below we present the correct way to do what we call the Player Management.
The player management is one of the main tasks that the bookies must perform on a daily basis. This task allows bookies to protect their business and helps them to have complete control of every move from their players. The player management consists of 3 main tasks that must be done together, these tasks are:
Determine betting patterns
Through the reporting tool provided by their Pay Per Head partner, the bookies must determine when, how and where their players placed bets. This allows the bookies to determine the betting patterns of their players and prepare strategies based on those patterns.
Determine the amount of action per player
Once the betting patterns have been identified, each player must be analyzed individually to determine how the players are betting on a given game. This allows the bookies to project the amount of action that can be generated for that game and in case it is necessary to move the bet lines to avoid unpleasant problems.
Determine the players' ability to pay
Based on the above data the bookie will be able to determine the payment capacity of each player, which allows him to determine if it is good to give credit to a player or on the contrary, the player's ability to place bets must be limited until it is put today with his payments.
To perform good player management, it is necessary to have a robust reporting tool which is provided only by the best Pay Per Head providers in the betting industry. It is for this reason that bookies must select a Pay Per Head partner that provides them with everything they need to manage and operate their betting business in the best way.
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