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How to make a player happy who lost.


The bookies have to ensure that all their players are happy all the time since a happy player is a player who keeps betting, which translates into better income for the betting site. But making all players happy is quite complicated, especially if the player is on a bad streak and has not won anything in a long time. It is to this type of players that the bookies have to give special attention since it is very easy to lose the loyalty of a player who has lost.

A player who has a bad streak tends to blame the betting site and believes that the betting lines are not good or even that there may be tricks that are preventing him from winning. Given this situation, his reaction is to find a new betting site to place his bets. This is a problem for the bookie since the idea is to retain and maintain the largest number of clients regardless of whether they are winners or losers.

To help bookies retain and make customers happy, we present the following recommendations.

Offer small incentives.

If the bookies have a good Pay Per Head provider, they can extract data from the players who have lost the most in the last week or month, they can even detect if the betting activity of these players decreases during this bad run. With these data, the bookies will be able to directly contact these players and offer them a small bonus of $ 10 or $ 15 so that they can re-bet and keep their activity within the betting site. This benefit can be offered once a year to good punters who go through bad times.

Offer good customer service

If a player is frustrated by going through a bad run and in addition to this when he is placing a new bet he receives bad attention from the call center staff, this can cause him to leave our betting business forever. Bookies must have a reputable pay per head partner to provide them with a full staff of well-trained call center agents focused on providing excellent customer service.

Bookies should be put in the shoes of their bettors and analyze their betting business from the perspective of the player. This allows bookies to identify areas for improvement in the business and find new ways to provide a better service to their bettors so that they are happy and constantly betting.

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