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How to become a bookie, Step by Step Guide.


Starting a business can be a difficult task and if you do not know where to start the task can be even more complicated and may end up wasting a lot of money and energy, which ultimately ends up wearing the entrepreneur and makes him lose his motivation.
To help aspiring bookies to start their betting business in the easiest and most affordable way, we present the following step-by-step guide:
Study the market
Before starting your betting business, the first thing to do is to study the market to determine if there is a potential market of bettors that you can attract to your betting business, in addition to this research you must also investigate the competition, which bookies are already attending to the bettors of your locality or the market niche that interests you and analyze their strategies, promotions, offers and any relevant detail that will help you to subtract the competition once you 
start your business.
Define your value proposition
The market research will give you a lot of information such as the tastes and preferences of the bettors and the strategies used by the competition, this information will help you define the value proposition of your business so that you can differentiate yourself from the competition and your betting site is attractive to potential bettors.
Find the right Pay Per Head partner
Once you know what markets you want to attack and what will be the value proposition that you are going to implement, you must go out and find a pay per head partner that provides the services and platforms you need to serve that betting market.
Define a business plan
Once you choose your Pay Per head partner, write a business plan with clear goals that you want for your betting business in the short and long term. It includes the development of a marketing plan that allows you to make your business known to the potential market.
Define your financial plan
The financial plan must include the amount of bankroll with which your business counts and the ability to pay that it will have in case all the gamblers win. The financial plan will help the bookies determine the betting limits and the number of customers they can attend.
Launch the business and take advantage of your Pay Per Head partner
Once the business is operating, the most important thing is for the bookie to study in depth the tools provided by the Pay Per Head partner, as these will help to protect and manage the business in the best way and most importantly it will help to reach success.
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