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How to Increase Bets On Your Betting Site


Sometimes Bookies focus their marketing efforts on acquiring new players with the hope to increase their profits, but there are other strategies they can follow to grow their income without adding new bettors to their betting site.

The following recommendations focus on several ways to work with your current player base to increase their betting activity on your betting site:

The first thing you need is bee partner with a Pay Per Head provider, so you can have access to Player Activity Report, this report will give you insightful data about the behavior of your players, for example on what sport they bet most frequently and the average times they bet, among other useful data.

Constant Communication

It’s important to have a constant and relevant communication with your active players, trough the study of the player activity reports you can learn what they care about, for example, you can identify which players are hooked with the football season and create target focus message exclusive for them, and include relevant information like football odds, promotions, bonus and you can even send them reminders the day of the game.

When you start a constant communication customized and focus on your player interest, you create a deeper and more meaningful bond with your players, that will slowly position your betting site as the best gambling option for them.

Reconnect with First Timers

There are people that sign up in a betting site and they only place just one or two bets and then disappear. The player activity report can give you a list of all the players that have been inactive for the past year for example. You can send to them an especially email with a bonus if they reactive their account on your betting site. Or you can run a quick survey and ask them why they have been absent from your betting site.

The player activity report will help you to construct a better relationship with your players and to offer them exactly what they want the way they wanted.

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