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How to Handled Payouts for your Betting Site.


Players payments is a very sensitive topic in the gambling industry since there are different ways in which Bookies can send payments to their winning players, the problem then lies in how efficient is the bookie in manage all that payment options. 
First, let us do a quick recap of the most common payment methods:
Check by Courier or Mail: Even when it sounds ridiculous that companies send paper checks through mail or courier, in the gambling industry this is the daily basis, due to the lowest fees for each transaction, checks are the most popular payment method.
Wire Transfers: Send money through companies like Western Union, is another popular option in the gambling industry, the problem is the fees related to each transaction that depending the amount of money could be very high.
Cryptocurrency Payouts: With the cryptocurrency trend on the rise and the convenience for players and bookies this payment method is gaining popularity, however the market volatility it’s holding back his growth.
There are other payment methods like Bank Wires, Prepaid Cards and Electronic Wallets, that has pros and cons as well, so how is the best way to handled payouts for your betting site?
The key to manage the payouts of your betting site and do not die trying is by having a good communication with your players and setting clear agreements. Because even when you featured all the payment methods on your betting site, this does not matter if you do not pay on time. What players value the most is how quick a bookie can pay, not how many payment options they have. In fact, some websites rank how quick sports book can pay and how many of them offer instant cash out.
Less is More
Therefore, if players are looking for fast payments instead of many payment options, the best you can do as a bookie, is choose just two or three payment options and excel in the way you manage those payment options, keeping quick payment times.
Do not be afraid to ask your players which payment method they prefer.
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