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How bookies can make money with the New England Patriots for the 2019 NFL season.


The NFL is a sport that has transcended borders and whose popularity increases every year in the world. If we take as reference the last SuperBowl this was seen in more than 180 countries. One of the teams that gains more and more fans as the sport expands around the world are the Patriots and it is not surprising as it is one of the strongest teams, full of great players and of course with a great winning record. 

Bookies that have a good Pay Per Head provider can take advantage of the great popularity of the Pats worldwide to grow the income of their betting business during the 2019 season of the NFL, then we explain how they can do it.

The first step is to check that within the catalog of options of their Pay Per Head partner bookies have access to good options of Total Bets. This type of bets has become very popular among bettors who are looking for different ways to bet and want something more than just to predict the possible winner of a game. The total bets have also gained popularity because some professional bettors recommend them because there is more chance for the bettor to get a good profit.

There are many types of total bets, but the ones that bookies should pay special attention are Total Bets to Win the 2019 NFL. The team that can generate a good income for the bookies with the total bets are the Patriots, as the odds for the Pats this season are: Total Wins: 11 (Over -150 / Under +130). This means that the bettors must choose if the Pats are going to win more than 11 games this season or stay below 11 wins. If we analyze the performance of the Pats last season we realize that his record was 11 victories, the problem is that for this season Rob Gronkowski is no longer with the team and he was one of the key players for the good results of the Pats last season, besides this during the draft the Pats did not sign a new tight end that could fill the gap left by Gronk. This indicates that it is highly likely that the Pats will not achieve the same performance as last season. Despite this, the casual bettors and fans of the Pats will bet on the Over, which means that the bookies can take advantage of this situation to generate a good profit once the Pats fail to overcome the 11 victories.

The bookies can start now to promote the Total Bets for the Pats, but to get the most out of this situation the bookies must have a good Pay Per Head partner that gives them all the tools they need to maintain the correct balance in each side of the total bets and also be able to activate mechanisms like betting alerts and betting limits to protect their business.

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