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Grow your Profit Trough Casual Players


We never get tired of point out the importance of casual players in the bookie business. It's through casual players that bookies can have a healthy business that grows every month. That’s the reason why bookies need to understand and manage the behavior of casual players in order to make the most out of them.

Below are some key factors bookies need to know to deal with casual players:

Betting Habits
Casual players don’t bet a lot of money, they only throw a couple of hundreds on each bet. This is because they are playing safe and trying to protect their money with the hope of getting a profit, even a small one, from their wagers. This may not sound profitable for the bookie, but when you have a considerable number of casual players betting at the same time, the sum of all their bets generates a juice revenue.  Bookies can take advantage of this behavior with marketing campaigns that show casual players potential profits from small bets. For example: If you bet $50 for Team A you can earn $500 easily. 

They are Predictable
It’s really easy to predict the behavior of a casual player when it comes to knowing to which team they are going to bet for. They regularly go for the favorite team or the team that gets more media coverage. This is because they think they have more chances of winning the wager if they bet for the favorite team. By knowing this, bookies can prepare for example for a big game like an NBA playoff and set wager limits for the most popular team in order to keep the balance on the spread.

They love to Win
It’s not a secret that everyone likes to win, but in the case of casual players, they enjoy all kinds of victories, even the small ones. Bookies can take advantage of this by giviving way free bonuses to casual players for special dates or events. With this, they will feel special and will continue betting.

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