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Growth you bookie business with influencer marketing


Creating innovative marketing strategies for our betting business can be quite challenging, sometimes tight budgets tend to limit our creativity and we end up taking the easy exit using the same strategies as always. The problem with using the same strategies over and over again is that we are going to get the same results. What in the long term will end up wearing down our image and each time there will be less potential customers that we manage to capture through these strategies.

This is why the bookies have to take advantage of all the tools and strategies they have at their disposal to differentiate them from the competition and find new players.

One of these strategies is the influencers marketing, which is based on the ability of a person to influence others. This type of marketing has become very important in recent years and has shown good results for companies of any size.

In order to use this type of marketing, we must first understand what it is an influencer. These are people who have a strong online presence and have an active community of followers.
Influencers manage their presence online through different channels, for example, some have a presence in all social networks, while others specialize in a single network such as YouTube.

Likewise, influencers specialize in different topics such as travel and fashion. There are also influencers that work with content related to sports those are the ones bookies should use in their marketing campaigns.

Once you have found an influencer with whom you want to work, the following steps are:

Get in touch with him to negotiate the terms of the contract.

  • Define the objective of the campaign to develop with that influencer, for example, to attract new basketball players, through an exclusive promotional code for that influencer.
  • Work together with the influencer to build the content to use during the campaign (videos, social network posts, images, links, etc.)
  • Run the campaign and follow up with the analytics tools to see how many players are arriving at the betting site.

Working with influencers can be very beneficial for bookies since these people usually have loyal audiences that follow their recommendations.

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