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Digital Marketing Tips for Bookies.


We are at a time of the year that is extremely important for bookies since major sporting events are just around the corner such as SuperBowl and MarchMadness. For this reason, the bookies must invest and improve their marketing efforts during this time in order to fully capitalize on these events.

To help bookies with their marketing strategies, we present the following recommendations.

Create a Blog and optimize SEO

Nowadays, digital marketing is based on content, the more valuable content is produced, the greater the scope and the greater the chances of attracting potential customers. For this reason, we recommend bookies that generate a blog with sports news, betting tips and other content that are relevant to their bettors. Having a blog that is continually updated will help bookies position themselves better in search engines, making it easier for potential bettors to find it.

The blog can be focused only on Football or Basketball in this way the bookie can be positioned in the betting niches of those specific sports and the workload is not big since it only has to generate content in a specific topic.

Analyze your visitors

The bookies must analyze absolutely everything that happens in their betting site, this includes using tools like Google Analytics, to identify data that can help to improve the marketing campaigns. Knowing the age, the country and the type of device used by visitors of the betting site can help bookies to better direct their marketing efforts. For example, the bookie may discover that it is receiving many visits from the UK but these visitors do not stay to place bets. With this information, the bookie can design a strategy to promote betting options that are of interest to UK visitors such as Premier League matches.

Invest in ads

Bookies should not be afraid to invest money in ad campaigns on different digital platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter. This is the best way to publicize the betting site and its services, in addition to the fact that the campaigns in these platforms are usually relatively cheap and can be segmented to target specific niches such as Basketball fans, so the bookie can be sure to direct the right ads to the right target.

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