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Dark clouds on the horizon for sports betting in Maryland.


Since the ban was lifted to sports betting in the US, we have witnessed how many states have set foot to the throttle to have a legislation that allows bettors to place their bets legally in their territories. Many senators understand the enormous potential for state governments to have legal betting marketing since this means higher tax collection. Such is the case of the president of the Senate of Maryland, Thomas V. Mike, Jr. and the governor of Maryland Larry Hogan who along with House Speaker Michael Busch have led the initiative to allow bets in Maryland since 2018.

Everything seems to indicate that the efforts of this trio will not pay off in the short term since according to Senator Chris West, the bill proposal is a constitutional amendment and apparently no more amendments of this type will be approved during this year. Likewise, Maryland General Attorney Brian Frosh determined that sports betting can only be legalized through a constitutional amendment, which means that it is the voters who must decide the legalization of betting in the state. There are no elections scheduled for this year in Maryland so it is very likely that until 2020 the final decision will be made.

This paints a gray picture for Maryland residents who expected to be able to make legal sports bets this year. Those who have an opportunity with this scenario are the bookies since the inhabitants of Maryland will look for other options to be able to satisfy their desire to bet.

Bookies that operate through an offshore Pay Per Head provider can offer gamblers in Maryland their betting site. This move will allow bookies to win customers in this state from now on, and when the legislation is approved next year the bookies will already have an advantage over large operators that would wait to operate with an official license from the state. Pay Per Head bookies have to remember that it is legal to bet with an offshore provider in any US territory, so they should not fear to promote their betting business to new markets that are constantly opening.

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